Life Events (Let us celebrate with a celebrant!)

Potential Events

Vow Renewal

Renewing your vows? Allow me to perform the ceremony, like a wedding but without the paperwork! The ultimate in flexibility. I can structure the ceremony like a wedding (see weddings). Repeating original vows or creating new ones? do you need help? Whatever the need I am here to help

Baby Naming

The alternative to a christening! Let me run the ceremony and obtain a commitment from the god parents to be there for the baby! It can be as elaborate or as plain as you want.


The long hard work has paid off and the certificate received, let me create a ceremony befitting of the new "grad". 


Oh to be 21 again, or 18! Why not let me create a ceremony for the special occasion.


Let me help create a ceremony for your divorce.

Examples of Other Events

Celebrate moving into your new house?, or how about celebrating your emigration to another country, or your engagement. I can help with whatever you want.